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RX AND SS Ending

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Joined: 2010-07-24

The standstill of RX And, which began during the first week of Sep of this year, is ending. The star had fallen to a magnitude of 13.6 when I observed it this evening (Nov 14.9965UT).




Yes, I had it at 13.12
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Joined: 2010-12-14

Yes, I had it at 13.12 (unfiltered CCD with v point) on Nov 14.8278.  The AAVSO v band CCD images during this standstill seem to show several waves of slow fluctuation of half a magnitude or more, not so evident in visual obs which show more scatter.  A very active standstill this has been.  SMI

I estimated RX And at
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I estimated RX And at mag.12.9 on Nov 14.80 and at mag.14.4 on Nov 16.98. The standstill ended!

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