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RZ Psc articles

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RZ Psc articles

To add to the details in AAVSO Alert Notice 511 (which is now on the campaigns page of the YSO Section website) I have added a link to a nice article in A&A on RZ Psc which is one of the stars in the alert notice. The linked page carries several other links to articles by the same team. RZ Psc is a fascinating star for all sorts of reasons!

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RZ Psc


could you point to the file/papers you mention in your post? I can not easily find them.


Josch (HMB)

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Hi Josch, Can't remember them

Hi Josch,

Can't remember them here and now, BUT there is a link to one (and thence to the rest) on the YSO website. Hold on... just finding the A&A article...


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