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S Aps fading?

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Matthew Templeton
S Aps fading?

Hello everyone,

For our southern observers, S Aps (15:09:24.53, -72:03:45.2) has been reported in decline by observers on the Variable Stars South mailing list.  It hasn't exhibited a major fade in several years, so it will be interesting to see if it goes below 12th again.  Please keep watching if you can see that far south!

Clear skies,


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S Aps

I took BVRI images of this.

It was V = 10.18 on 19/5 and

V = 10.33 on 25/5

It is certainly fading but not too far yet.




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S Aps

S Aps continues to fade. On 17th July, I measured it at mag V= 14.3 and B = 16.0.

There are visual measurements down to about this level in the past so it may be near the bottom of this current decline.



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S Aps Major Fade

Hi All

I have this RCB down to 15.46V by July 24.482. The minimum, in VSX, for this star is 15.2V.

Keep watching !



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My last recorded positive observation was 13.6V on 16 Jul.
I have recorded it as <141 since then.
Going from LCG, this is possibly its deepest fade in over 80 years, although the 2000 minimum was pretty low too. I suspect part of that is due to observers having access to bigger instruments today. Someone has recorded this star at <179. 
I will continue to watch for recovery.


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