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SBIG CFW-8 filter wheel and Astrodon filters

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SBIG CFW-8 filter wheel and Astrodon filters

I have trouble screwing Astrodon filters all the way into the CFW-8 filter slot. While I was able to work some of the filters into the filter slot, most of the time, they won't go in.  As a result, my filter wheel won't turn.  My question for those that use the CFW-8 with Astrodon filters is how were you able to load your filters into the filter wheel carousel slots?

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SBIG CFW-8 filter wheel and Astrodon

I have never had a problem with Astrodons in any of the SBIG filter wheels I have used, CFW 8,9,or 10.  I'd suggest cleaning the threads of the filters and the filter carousel with alcohol. 


Your problem may have merit,

Your problem may have merit, but I can't verify it. Memory is a bit foggy here, because my V filters have periodically crusted up only after a few years. I recently opened the CFW-8 and discovered that the holders were Custom Scientifics. There is a dim memory of the AsroDons not providing enough clearance for the wheel to turn, and they were screwed down tight. Another dim memory has me cussing at the filters being glued into the holders rather than just being held by the retainer ring. So I may have gotten around the problem by putting AstroDon filters into Custom Sci holders after breaking the glue mess on one or both of the brands.



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