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Section Leaders

Current Section Leaders and Advisors

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  • Bright Star Monitor Section: Dr. David Cowall
         Science Advisor: Arne Henden
         System Technical Advisor: Ken Menzies
         System Software Advisor: George Silvis
  • Cataclysmic Variables: Shawn Dvorak
         Co-leader: Patrick Schmeer
  • Eclipsing Binaries: Gerry Samolyk
  • Exoplanets: Dr. Dennis Conti
  • High Energy Network: Dave Hinzel
  • Instrumentation and Equipment: Richard Berry
        Resource persons: Bob Massey, Arne Henden, Gary Walker, George Silvis
  • Long Period Variables: Richard Roberts
         Science Advisors: Dr. John Percy, Dr. Lee Anne Willson
  • Photoelectric Photometry: Tom Calderwood
  • Short Period Pulsating Variables: Dr. Eric Hintz
        Assistants: Gerry Samolyk, Melanie Crowson
        Science Advisors: Dr. Horace Smith, Dr. Doug Welch
  • Solar: Rodney Howe
         Co-leaders: Kim Hay, Kristine Larsen
  • Spectroscopy: David Whelan
    Contributor: Ryan Maderak
    Science Advisors: Dr. Stella Kafka, Dr. Ulisse Munari  
  • Young Stellar Objects: Michael Poxon
         Science Advisor: William Herbst

Past AAVSO Officers and Section Leaders

Please click here for historical information on past AAVSO Officers, Council Members, Committee Chairs, and Section Leaders.

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