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SeqPlot CalibData.txt file

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Mark Blackford
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SeqPlot CalibData.txt file

Hi All,

Has a new version of SeqPlot been deployed recently? In the past when it was launched I was given the option to append new data to the existing CalibData.txt file or create a new file. Now that dialog box does not appear so new data is always appended to the existing file.

To get around this problem I can delete the file so a new one of the same name is created. Alternatively the seqplotDefault.ini file can be edited with a new name for the calibration file. Both of these work arounds are a bit crude.

A better solution would be a button on the SeqPlot window or a menu option to allow a new clibration file to be created whenever the operator requires it, i.e. when changing to a new variable field.

Out of curiosity what are the other parameters in the seqplotDefault.ini file? Cheers,


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Re: SeqPlot CalibData.txt file

Interesting comments, Mark.   I personally have found that the dialog box (to create a new filename) simply fails to appear, more than 50% of the time.  My data gets appended to the last filename. Am I doing something wrong?  Can one force the dialog box to appear, when it fails to do so automatically?


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I would much prefer a routine

I would much prefer a routine that took the name of the star from the plot, so when you ask for a plot around (say) UX Ori a file gets created called 'ux ori.txt'. When you've finished doing that star and enter (again, say) T Tau in the 'star' text box, another file called 't tau.txt' is created, and so on. If the file already exists, it then gets appended to.

It ain't rocket science!

Matthew Templeton

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to thank you for your feedback. 

Sara Beck is the developer of SeqPlot, and she'll take a look at these when she returns from her travels.  She and her husband are in Australia to enjoy (I hope!) the solar eclipse and do a little traveling.  She'll reply to these comments as soon as she is online and available to do so.

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Seqplot Update - Testers Needed

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread. As Matthew mentioned, I was in Australia for the eclipse, then spent the past week getting caught up with everything.

Anyway, I have made some changes to SeqPlot which I hope will make naming and organizing your files a little easier. I would appreciate it if some of you would test it and give me some feedback before I deploy it for real.

To get this test version, please click on the link for seqplot-test.jnlp which you will find on this page:

I have describe some of the specific things you can look for as you try it out on this page.

Mark, To answer your question regarding the contents of the ini file, here are the parameters in the order they are listed in the file:

                (the first six numbers have to do with your color preferences)
                default file path
                is Tycho selected?
                is NOFS selected?
                is Sonoita selected?
                is BSM selected?
                is BSM_S selected?
                is SRO50 selected?
                is APASS selected?
                is K35 selected?
                is W28 selected?
                is W30 selected?
                is OC61 selected?
                dot size scale factor
                relative dotsize scale factor
                limiting magnitude
                field size
                is GCPD selected?

I hope that makes sense to you!

Thank you all for your help and suggestions!


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Seqplot update

The update to Seqplot is now available. You will get it automatically next time you click on seqplot.jnlp on your computer. Mac users who downloaded a zipped file to their computers will have to download it again from here:

I changed the way the log file is named which (hopefully) makes it more user-friendly. You should not be asked for a file name for your log file until the first time you click on "SEND TO FILE". After that, you shouldn't be bothered again until you load data for a new star. The program also attempts to suggest a reasonable default file name and it should remember the directory path where you store your sequence files from one session to another. A warning will pop up if you attempt to use an existing filename but you can choose to append to it if you want.

NOTE: You may have to delete the seqplotDefault.ini file the first time you use this new version. You should be able to find it in /Documents (for Mac users) or your C-drive partition (for PC users) or home directory for Unix/Linux users.

Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

-Sara (

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