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Server Status Table up-to-date?

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Server Status Table up-to-date?

Is the server status table toward the bottom of the main AAVSOnet up-to-date? That is, correctly reflecting which scopes are back on-line and which are still offline?

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Back on line

"Fully operational" in that table means that the telescope is ready to take data if the weather permits.  We don't include the southwestern monsoonal shutdown in that table.  Tom is just starting to come back on line, so most of the Astrokolkhoz telescopes will be waking up soon (we've gotten some preliminary data from a couple of the telescopes), and Sonoita is currently having some computer problems but is ready to take images as soon as they are cleared up.

We have a number of telescopes that are nearly ready to go.  WH46 is still being installed in its shelter, but may be taking images soon.  TM61 needs some additional testing that I hope to be able to do in about a week.  BSM-NH (actually, BSM-Berry) has been assembled and will be placed on the HQ roof soon for initial imaging.  I'm heading to NZ in November to get OC61 running.  However, don't count on any of these telescopes until they are announced.


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Awesome, thanks for

Awesome, thanks for clarifying that.

I'm involved in a project with time specifically on SRO50, so it helps to know when we should start looking for data to begin showing up.

Wayne Westlake

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