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Sky & Telescope to Celebrate Seventy Years!

It's not only the AAVSO that is celebrating milestones this month. Our close personal friends, Sky & Telescope magazine is celebrating its 70th Anniversary in its own style.

On Thursday, 20 October, Sky & Telescope will be holding a Special Event at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics here in Cambridge. Sky & Telescope's event is part of CfA's monthly Observatory Night for the public. Those in the Boston area that want to attend in person can go to the Harvard College Observatory's Phillips Auditorium at 60 Garden St. Cambridge. 

The event will include talks from Editors both past and present, including Dennis di Cicco, Rick Fienberg, and Robert Naeye.

More details regarding the event can be found here.

Not in Boston? Feeling left out? Fear not! Sky & Telescope took a page from our playbook (to be fair they probably thought of it themselves. They are a media organization, after all!) and will be IP broadcasting the event live! See the details on the CfA's website.

The AAVSO wishes to extend its greatest congratulations to our colleagues and friends at Sky & Tel. Best wishes on your 70th birthday! We're looking forward to your centennial!

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