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Slow web pages

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Slow web pages

Can someone please tell me why, when I access the AAVSO web site between the hours of 08.00 and 12.00 UT, I can wait for up to three minutes for access to WebObs, and when looking at QL I can wait up to two minutes for the page to refresh?  Lots of times I get an error message saying something like 'can't contact server' or similar and left with no access at all.  This happens most days of the week!  It gets a little better later in the day, but not that much.  Of an evening here (anything past 18.00UT) it's fine.

The most annoying words I see on my PC these days are "waiting for"

Gary [PYG]

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And when asking for a chart and I do not want a DSS image (due to the shutdown not possible) I can't undo the yes button. I simply cant plot any charts...

Please what can I do?

Eddy (MUY)

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Sorry, I simply had to reset the page...



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Gary: Between 08.00-12.00


Between 08.00-12.00 the largest thing that the web server does is a backup of the DB from the web server folder to a backup folder. That is done at 09.12UT and could very well last until noon. I know that when we did backups when the server was in house, it would tend to bog things down, but I attributed this to something we finally pinned down to raid disk synchonization problems.. I'll try to run some experiments to see what happens with the server now.

That, however, is the largest thing that goes on with the server that is not going on normally and all the time, i.e. page access, database access, chart creation, etc. Peak time for the server along those lines tends to be between 0.00-05.00UT. 

I'll let you know if I find something signficant, Gary!
Doc Kinne

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Re: Slow Web Pages

Hi Doc,

It seems a little quicker over the past few days, so whatever tweak you have 'tweaked' has helped somewhat.



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