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SN in NGC1365

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I have had lost of cloud since this SN has been anounced but got a little clear sky last night so attempted a spectra of the SN. I only too 3 x 600 sec exposures that were somewhat cloud affected so the guiding wasn't great. Despite this the spectra clearly shows features of a type 1 SN.

Taken with a LISA spectrograpgh on a C11 with an ST8XME camera.



SN spectra
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Some excellent results there!

Well done.

It just shows that the amateur community now has the capability to contribute some real data on Nova/ SN, and variable stars.

We need to develop some systems and support....

variable star spectroscopy
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Robin Leadbeater
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Hi Ken,

No need to wait, There are spectroscopic campaigns quietly running in parallel with AAVSO campaigns already (and have been for some years eg eps Aur). A few recent/current examples are

SU Aur

CH Cyg

AZ Cas

T-Tauri stars



AAVSO interest in spectroscopy??
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Thanks, Robin.

I'm familiar with the ARAS projects, but I'm really wondering what the AAVSO are doing re support of spectroscopy observations???????

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