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Source for Potometric filters

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Joined: 2013-09-25

Hi all,

 I'm new to the group and am wondering if anyone out there has a V- filter that  can be screwed to 2" nose of my  SBIG , available for sale. Or  if anyone knows of a source for an V-filter




V filter
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I bought my V filter from Chroma Technology  (  It was 1.25",  but they have 2" as well, reasonably priced.  Bandpass graph attached

Photometry Filter Source
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A popular source of Photometry Filters, in both 1.25" & 2", is Astrodon: simply and let your fingers do the walking :)

Also, do not overlook Custom Scientific:

Ad Astra & Good Observing, while I am at, I am on the mentoring team, so if you any questions along the way (and there is no such thing as a dumb question) feel free to email me:

Ad Astra & Good Observing,

Tim Crawford, CTX


2" V filter
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I like the Astrodon V filter, that is the one I use. Unfortunately, 2" size has been made without screw ring, and the ring from another 2 inch filter doesn't fit.

Edit: I've seen the other brands sell the two-inch filter unmounted too :/  

What model is your camera? Even with a KAF-8300 chip you can use a 1,25" filter if you can put it close enough to the camera window, if you don't use an f ratio minor than 5.

PS. I din't know about Chroma company. It seems their photometric filters doesn't have as much as transmission as astrodon filters, but I praise them for being honest and transparent showing good and precise transmission curves (with downloadable numerical values).

The camera I have is a
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Joined: 2013-09-25

The camera I have is a STF8300c - I suppose that  I can go the 1.25" route if I have to. Though I did noitice that  Chroma will mount the filter for at no additional charge. I might investigate that  a bit more.

Thanks for all the responses.



Photometric filters
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Just for reference, Baader Planetarium supply photometric filters.,20212#tab_bar_0_select


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Carlos Tapia
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If you're going to buy a new photometric filter go to Chroma or Custom Scientific (the second made the filters for SBIG). Don't buy the Baader or you will have a few problems in Nova or Supernova photometry.

Or buy the Astrodon if they have the 2" thread (I don't remember if they have it).

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