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Spectroscopy Section and Forum?

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Spectroscopy Section and Forum?

Recent forum discussions on stellar spectroscopy and methods, along with favorable comments from the Strategy and Operations Survey from this past spring seem to suggest that the time is near for the formation of a Spectroscopy Section and and a possible Forum within the AAVSO.  While such an endeavor would have to be done with volunteers and associated resources, it seems that there is enough membership interest and members/observers with advanced knowledge and experience to make such a Section and Forum a reality.  What would it take to make it happen?  Kevin Paxson - PKV

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Kevin: I think that a note


I think that a note to Arne and Mario would be in order.  While the archiving spectroscopy is on Arne's "Punch List" of things to do, the more members that show an interest in spectroscopy, the more likely it is to go to the top of his list.  A Spectroscopy Section would be a first step in the archiving of spectral data by the AAVSO.


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spectroscopy forum

I've asked the "powers that be" to create a spectroscopy forum.


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Forum created!

I have created a spectroscopy forum and have moved one relevant thread into the new forum. If anyone happens across any additional threads that they feel should be moved, please feel free to contact me.

Best wishes,

Spectroscopy Forum


Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for creating the forum. I hope it will stimulate more interest in spectroscopy. 

Jeff (187283)

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