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Spring Meeting Charts

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Spring Meeting Charts

Has HQ posted the charts from the membership meeting on the website yet?

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Meeting charts

Hi Jerry,

I assume you are refering to the pdf or powerpoint slides from the directors report. If so, the answer is no, they have not been posted yet. I do not know when Arne plans to do that, seeing as he is on the road yet again. This time to the southwest to work on BSM-NM, the NMSU 24" and commissioning the first 2GSS telescopes.


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Hi Mike,

    By "2GSS", you must mean the Second Generation Stratus Sebring Sedan Group:  Which raises the question:  Is the 2GSS telescope a coupe

or a sedan?



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Membership meeting PPTs, PDFs etc.

I would love to see something like that. I would have been there in person, but a bad cold led to bronchitis and the cough lasted for nearly three weeks.

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membership powerpoint

The membership meeting was webcast, but I don't think a permanent copy was made.  Keep that in mind for future meetings - we always broadcast the membership part live, and encourage members/observers to watch and ask questions.

The Director's Report powerpoint needs some small revisions, which I will try to do this week and then put the pdf version on-line.  Thanks for reminding me that this needed to be done!


(in Las Cruces, working on TMO61)

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Recording broadcasts

I and millions of others (including POTUS) have used Google Hangouts with success to broadcast meetings.  It can be recorded via YouTube and it is free.  Has this been considered?

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membership powerpoint

The powerpoint presentation given by the Director at the Spring 2013 meeting in Boone has now been posted to:

As usual with my presentations, they are pictures/charts that go along with my verbal presentation, and so may be difficult to follow in places without the verbage.  If you go to the home page tab:

About Us/Our Publications/General Interest/Director's Reports

you will find the pdf's from the last two meetings, along with the early JAAVSO Director's Reports.


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