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SS Cyg campaign - Alert Notice 720

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SS Cyg campaign - Alert Notice 720

AAVSO Alert Notice 720 announces an observing campaign on the cataclysmic variable SS Cyg. Please see the notice for details and observing instructions.

To stay informed about this campaign, particularly about the date of its ending, subscribe to this forum thread (option 1 under Subscribe below) -  see feedback from the PI,  comments and questions from observers, and notes from AAVSO HQ. Add a post yourself  -  join in the discussion about this interesting target!

Many thanks, and Good observing,

Elizabeth O. Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Henry Sipes
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how to name your filtered files

Sorry for a tech question.  I'm imaging SS Cyg an Vphot does not like my R for Red or B for blue.  Are we supposed to use something different?  I'm getting my transformations before I submit my data.

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VPhot question and SS Cyg data

Hi Henry,

Thanks for observing SS Cyg! The VPhot team needs to answer this question - someone from the team may see it here but you could be sure of an answer by posting it in the VPhot forum.

Good observing,


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What Filter are you using?


What kind of filter are you using? R for Red and B for Blue indicates that you are not using a photometric filter like Johnson B or Cousins R. Are you using your pretty picture filters (RGB) or a DSLR?

In AAVSO and VPhot terminology, these should be called TB or TR. Make Sense?

However, IF you do transform the magnitudes, you can report them as photometric B and R.

For details, you should switch to the VPhot forum.

HTH, Ken

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