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SS Cyg radio campaign

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SS Cyg radio campaign

AAVSO Special Notice #412 announces a radio observing campaign on SS Cyg. An Alert Notice will be issued February 5 with full information. Beginning at once, close monitoring of SS Cyg and immediate submission of observations to the AAVSO is essential in order to catch the beginning of the next outburst, which is imminent.

Thank you, and good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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SS Cyg radio campaign - Alert Notice 536 online

Further to the radio observing campaign on SS Cyg announced in AAVSO Special Notice #412, AAVSO Alert Notice 536 has been published.

Many thanks for your crucial observations to date; please keep up the good work!

Good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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Interesting outburst

Hello all,


I was looking at the recent outburst of SS Cyg, and it seems that its morphology is different to the "normal" outbursting behavior: its rise seems to change slopes mid-way, it has a couple of interesting "hickups" along the way, and it seems that it started declining. Please keep observing the system - this will be an amazing dataset for this campaign!

Thank you to all who contribute observations capturing this behavior. Who said that our favorite stars cease to surprise us?


Best wishes - clear skies,


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SS Cyg

Tonight I was able to folllow SS Cyg for about 75 minute.At JD 2457442.47041 it was at V mag 8.707 (untransformed). Data has been sent to the VS X


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SS Cyg outburst approaching - close monitoring needed

SS Cyg is due for an outburst in the coming week or so (if it's behaving fairly normally!). The radio campaign underway (it started in February) depends entirely on prompt notification of outburst onset by AAVSO observers - please see AAVSO Special Notice #414 for information from PI Dr. James Miller-Jones and for observing instructions.

Many thanks and good observing!

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Steve Johnston



 Weather Cleared at last with an early morning run, SS Cyg Apr 17.1317 11.371v I don`t think its a full

outburst yet. I uploaded data earlier.

Steve J.... 

Deconinck Michel
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Radio campaign of SSCyg

Do someone know if this radio-campaign was conducted during the last outburst of SSCyg April 18th?

A feedback could be nice

Michel DMIB

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Feedback on SS Cyg radio campaign

Michael, there is a long thread on this campaign, including very nice and appreciative feedback from the PIs, on the Campaigns and Observation Reports forum.

Good observing,


Tony Vale

I found the feedback interesting and informative. It was good to follow the last two outbursts closely and nice to know that the effort to do so was appreciated by the research team. 

Deconinck Michel
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Thank you Elizabeth I don't

Thank you Elizabeth

I don't saw this other post yet, I feel the answers very interesting, thank you for your help


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