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Stacking bug

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David Benn
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Stacking bug

Look at the date on this (average) stacked image.

The source images were 11:??:?? but the stacked image is 23:27:09. Odd no?


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Stacking Time


My first question is why you are stacking 6 images from two different days, and also separated by 7 days? Actually, the stacked time is about right - the algorithm sets the stack time as the mid time of the stacked images. In this case with about 7.0 days between, the mid point would be 3.5 days, thus the 23:27?

It is logical in terms of the arithmetic of the common mid-time algorithm.  I would have stacked the images from each day separately, which makes more sense to me?


David Benn
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Please ignore me Ken.

Can't believe I did that and wasted your time looking at this post.

That's what happens when I've done such a thing late at night and looked at it quickly early in the morning.

Apologies. How embarrassing.


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