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star flare near ngc7635

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star flare near ngc7635

I have two observation of the Bubble neb separated by 101 days showing a star flare up in the field of view of ngc7635.


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re: star flare near ngc7635


From its position, it looks like the star in question is the known Mira type star MO Cas.  It is a long period variable with a period of 252 days so the interval between your images is about right to bring it from near minimum brightness to near maximum.

I went to SIMBAD and did a search with a 10 arcminute radius around NGC 7635 and found two mira type stars in the list that was produced.  I clicked on them and plotted the field using the Aladin applet and found that MO Cas was the likely candidate.



Tim, thanks for the input, I got lucky while I was processing my latest attempt at ngc7635 with PixInsight.

The Pixinsight software ImageIntegration routine can produce Pixel Rejection maps, and this is how I realized there was something  different with the January image set. Here's a link to the PI site,


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