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Stars to observe with a very large telescope

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Stars to observe with a very large telescope


I'm usually observing with a modest -sized 4'' refractor, but I'm occasionally having an opportynity to observe with a very large telescope. This telescope is 36'' Folded-Newton and it is possible to do visual observations with it.

So, now I'm thinking, what to observe with it? How to use it so that I can get the most out of it? What should I observe with it?

I would be happy to hear your recommendations and advise!


Juha Ojanperä (OJMA)

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what to observe with large telescope?

Hi Juha,

V380 Oph has been recently annouced in the AAVSO Alert Notice 466:
If this star is in a low state, you can try to observe V380 Oph.

You can also observe Z UMi (an RCB star recently near minimum) or RX Lyr (a nice mira star close to M57.) FG Sge can also be a nice target for large telescopes (be avare that FG Sge has a close companion!)

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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your suggestions, Robert! I'll start making a list of stars to observe, so that I'm well-prepared when I get the next chance to observe with the big telescope!

-Juha Ojanperä (OJMA)

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Stars with large aperture.

Look at faint CVs and LPVs near minimum.  These will be of great scientific value and very satisfying to you when you can see them.


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