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Stars of particular interest to AAVSO - KML tool.

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Stars of particular interest to AAVSO - KML tool.

Are you in need of a user friendly reference to stars of particular interest to AAVSO? An interactive tool that lists all important stars in one place, but goes beyond just table of stars?

Below is the link to the KMZ file I use as an AAVSO customized virtual sky atlas and as a variable star tree with links to vast AAVSO resources.

Download and open KMZ file in Google Earth/Sky or other sky viewing program that supports KML markup language. To avoid overcrowded display switch off most of Google Sky default layers, but leave DSS imagery on. Double clicking or clicking a star icons in sky pane, or categories and star names in the list view to the left, allows to navigate and read descriptions of stars. Adjust scale using Page Up and Page Down keys or mouse wheel.

Currently you can view these categories of stars:

Naked Eye Variables
AAVSO Easy To Observe
AAVSO Binocular Program
AAVSO LPV Bulletin 76
AAVSO Double Trouble LPVs
Mike Simonsen's CV Zoo
AAVSO Legacy CVs
AAVSO Z Cam Campaign
AAVSO Short Period Pulsators Program
AAVSO Eclipsing Binary Program
BSM North Targets
BSM South Targets
BAAVSS Polar Program
M67 Photometry

As this is work in progress, missing are DSLR program stars, current and past campaigns stars, etc. There is no real technical support, but I will try to include suggestions users may have. Mike Simonsen generously allowed me to use AAVSO logo for this little file.

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