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Still Celebrating...

The AAVSO Centennial may have come and gone with 2011, and the epsilon Aurigae project may be wrapping up, but Headquarters hasn't closed the files yet on these very special events! Look forward to:

  • the 100th Anniversary Edition of JAAVSO, due to be published in June, and
  • a special edition of JAAVSO on epsilon Aurigae, to be published in December

We're working on them!

The picture shows some of the papers we have in-hand at the moment, about half of the many more yet expected.

Thanks to all who have submitted their meeting papers and eps Aur papers so far.

By the way, this spring is the 40th birthday of JAAVSO! We're celebrating that too!

We hope you enjoy your Journals,

Your JAAVSO editorial staff

John R. Percy, Editor

Elizabeth O. Waagen, Associate Editor

Matthew R. Templeton, Assistant Editor

Michael Saladyga, Production Editor

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484