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Still spots left in the CCD School!

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Still spots left in the CCD School!

There are still slots left in the AAVSO's second annual CCD School.  Class size is limited, so register now to ensure a spot!  (Last year's CCD School sold out.)

The school will be taught by Arne Henden and held at AAVSO HQ on July 8-12, 2013.  Classes will cover calibration of the equipment, observing guidelines, photometric and image processing techniques, transformation of data, statistics and basic data-mining concepts. 

More information and a registration link can be found on the Second Annual CCD School page.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

I was wondering if there would be a repeat of last year's visit of Harvard's astronomy facilities that was mentioned here:


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Harvard Observatory tour


Perhaps Rebecca has already set it up.  If not, email me privately and I'll give you the contact information you need to start the ball rolling yourself.  This was how it was done last year. 

Phil Sullivan  SPP

CCD School '12

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Harvard Observatory tour

Yes, I read how you stick-handled this last year in this thread.

Thanks Phil.

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I know that Ron Dantowitz will be providing a tour of the Clay Center Observatory.  We can probably get a tour of HCO and the Harvard Plate Stacks as well, similar to last year.


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Great!  Thanks Arne. Looking forward to school and some tours.


john downing
CCD School

I would really like to attend this class! However, I can not afford the time and expense of traveling to the East Coast. Have there been classes held on the West Coast or have the classes been offered on-line? 

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