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Suggestions for first binocular VS?

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Suggestions for first binocular VS?

OK ,

I've got my 10x50 binocular . Any suggestions for the first couple of variable stars to start with? 



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I started with EU Del and U

I started with EU Del and U Del. Easy to find them, as well as X Her.
If you want a real variable (you can observe the change of brightness within a few weeks): Z UMa.

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Binocular Variables

Normally I would suggest two of my favorites R Scuti and Z UMa.  However, R Scuti is now sinking into the twilight in the evening.  If you have a good horizon in the southwest, you might be able to follow it for another couple of weeks or so.  Z UMa in the bowl of the Big Dipper can be obsevered currently low in the north in the evening but it might be better to catch it in the morning at this time of year when it is higher.

You can also observe any of the long period stars when they get bright enough near maximum.  Currently R Cas is that bright.  Check the AAVSO Bulletin to look for these: .

The AAVSO also has a binocular program that you might want to look at:

Good luck and ask away if you have more questions.

...Tim (HTY)

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Thanks guys for the

Thanks guys for the suggestions.

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Suggestions for first binocular VS.

Try something easy.  Epsilon aurigae is bright, easy to find, and comparison stars are close by.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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R Leo is quite bright now ...

R Leo is a good candidate, but it does require a sacrifice: wake up at 3 AM.

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