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Suitability of an SBIG STT 8300M for Photometry

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Suitability of an SBIG STT 8300M for Photometry

I have been doing photometry with an ST9E. I replaced an AO-7 with an AO-8. For some reason, the ST9E won't work with the AO-8. I don't want to invest too muchy money in an old camera, so I have been looking at an SBIG STT 8300M. This is an ABG, BUT appears to be linear to around 50,000 ADUs. However, the pixels are small and have a full well of about 25, 500e. I am worried this might mean that many comparison stars would quickly reach the 50,000 non-linear point. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts/guidance on the issue.


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KAF-8300 works fine

Hi Greg, I am using the same KAF-8300 chip in another camera, and It is working well doing photometry. Another benefits from this ccd are the low cost for its large area and small pixels. I think 8300 is versatile, and it's able to make from very wide field shoots with short focal lengths to be performing well in long focal lengths in 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 binning.



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