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SunEntry Update

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SunEntry Update

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that i just uploaded a new version of SunEntry. The reason for the update is that the AAVSO website just became more secure (going from "http" to "https") and it was necessary to change some of the internal workings of SunEntry in order for it to remain compatible.

Hopefully, you won't notice the change, but if you experience any problems logging in to SunEntry over the next several days, please post to this forum or email me directly with details of your operating system, browser and Java version (sara (at)

Clear skies!

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SunEntry Update

Hello again SunEntry users,

The transition to https is now complete and the old version of SunEntry.jnlp which you were using to launch the Java Web Start version will no longer work. Please delete this file and download it again from here:

If you do this and still have a problem, please let me know by posting to this forum or contactin me directly.

Thanks, Sara

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Sun Entry Problem

Hi Sara,

Had problems with my new Mac Sierra OS installation this morning but solved most of them.  However my Sun Entry decided to quit working.

I downloaded the latest Java version and the latest Sun Entry package but still get:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:com.mysql.jdbc.Driver error.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


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