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T Aurigae

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T Aurigae

I have learned that old nova T Aurigae is an eclipsing binary star with a period of 4h 54m, depth 0.18 mag and duration of about 40 mins. Although challenging, being a 15th magnitude star, I wonder where I can get ephemeris of this interesting star. I would like to follow an eclipse to see if I can record it.

Thank you



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the usual place

I see that VSX offers an ephemeris for T Aur.  I don't know its accuracy.  The source for the elements is listed in "Remarks" on the VSX page.  Absolute worst case:  a 5 hour time series is guaranteed give you both eclipses (plus any additional variability).

Gary Billings

Sebastian Otero
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T Aurigae eclipse ephemeris

Hi Gianluca,

I have updated the VSX entry of the star with the most recent determination from Bob Nelson's O-C files.
I have made a phase plot using recent AAVSO data and the elements agree perfectly.

So now you can get eclipse predictions simply by clicking on the Ephemeris link in the Epoch line on T Aurigae's VSX star page.



T Aurigae eclipse ephemeris

Thank you Sebastian. That's exactly what I was looking for.




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