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T tau adjustments

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T tau adjustments

Hi Arne,

I submitted the five selected T Tau stars for monitoring. You suggested the Wright28 if I wanted monitoring in Halfa (line) and/or Halfa (continuum). I do prefer this (submitted as so). But as you mentioned in your reply, T Tau stars tend to crowd together and for three of the five submitted stars (DF Tau, V773 Tau and SU Aur) there is no suitable comp. star in the 14' x 9' FOV of the Wright28. So I guess I will have to quit the Halfa option on those three. The SRO50 will have a big enough FOV. Is the filterwheel carrying the same filters as the SRO35 (CUBVRcIc)? If so, I'd go for all five of them for DF Tau and SU Aur: these are CTTS: they should show large amplitude fluctuations in U-band). For V773 BVRI will do.



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T tau adjustments

SRO50 has a big enough field to get you some comparison stars for those TTau objects.  Right now, it has: UBVRICz' loaded.  I have a narrow-band Halpha filter available that can be added to Krajci35 (Tom's upcoming C14/Paramount system, STL1001E, 20x20arcmin field).  That might be an option; it doesn't have a companion continuum filter, but we could get one or make-do with R/r'.   I'll come up with a reasonable telescope/filter combination and some suggestions later in the week.


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