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T Tauri star campaign - fast transients

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Robin Leadbeater
Joined: 2012-10-08

On 2012-12-09 I detected a remarkable transient in low resolution spectra of DNTau using the Star Analyser.

88 x 20 sec spectra show a rise in total flux (4000-7500A) of ~130% in just 6 minutes, followed by a rapid drop over the following 6 minutes and a continuing slow fall over the next 40 minutes to ~20% of the initial level. The flux increase was greatest at the blue end (a 300% increase at 4500A)

These changes would have easily been detected in using photometry but were very rapid and may have been hidden by averaging sub exposures. I would be interested to hear from any photometrists who have seen similar transients in any of the campaign target stars

More details of the spectra here ... ra_42a.htm
and a description of the technique used here ... tra_42.htm


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