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TCP J16475765-3102582: new transient (13 mag) in Scorpius

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TCP J16475765-3102582: new transient (13 mag) in Scorpius

TCP J16475765-3102582

Discovery announcement:

Precise astrometry, spectroscopy, and multiband photometry are urgently required.

Clear skies,

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TCP J16475765-3102582 = 2MASS J16475750-3102570
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15.092V mag on Marc 06.5023UT

TCP J16475765-3102582 20200307.5023UT 15.092V    FID
TCP J16475765-3102582 20200307.5046UT 12.772I     FID

Using a 0.25m reflector Mayhill, New Mexico, US.

Position end figures were 57.51 and 57.6 in R.A. and Dec.

Archive APASS V data of this star:

55989.88945,15.6913,0.060 # V +0.50 -0.29
56100.80586,15.8600,0.076 # V +0.30 -0.53
56102.80040,15.7005,0.069 # V +0.07 -0.26
56103.79632,15.8163,0.066 # V +0.30 +0.05

So tonight obviously ~0.6 magnitudes brighter in V than in quiescence.

Róbert Fidrich

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