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Telescope calendar tool

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Telescope calendar tool


I think it would be very useful and helpful to have a graphic display of some sort that shows which nights data has been taken from each telescope on the network. I never know for sure which nights to expect data from Sonoita, even if I monitor weather maps, due to unforeseen circumstances and technical challenges.

It could be as simple as a Google calendar with a different colored "my calendar" for each scope, or a separate calendar for each telescope.

Just a thought...

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Telescope Calendar Tool

Something like that tool would be useful.  There might be a method of alerting the observers when new images for their program(s) have been taken - sorta "You've got Images!" concept.  Thanks for the suggestion - I'll see if we can put an alerting feature into the next software release.


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I have not implemented it on

I have not implemented it on the scopes here, but I think ACP/Scheduler has the ability to send notification emails when plans are completed.

Does anyone else use that feature of ACP/Scheduler? Is it beneficial, or a hassle to get the notifications?

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Notification process

Now that I am processing the K28 images and uploading them to VPhot, I send an email as soon as they are done to Ken Mogul and Doug Welch. Two things here for future thought are 1- If there is anyone else using these data for their project I don't know to email them (I just happen to be aware of their project) and, 2- I still don't know when there is a night of data to process. I have to open a terminal window and prompt for a lookup. There has to be a better way...


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