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Text File for VStar

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Text File for VStar


I have problem with uploading a txt file into VStar. 
I attached this file to this post. What could be wrong with it?

Marcin Biskupski

David Benn
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Hi Marcin You're absolutely

Hi Marcin

You're absolutely right in thinking that there should be NO problem at all with loading this file into VStar.

The implementation of CSV/TSV handling in VStar changed with this current release and it appears that this simple case fell through a hole in regression testing. A pretty big hole actually!

I've been preparing a new release that I hope to get out this week.

Can I ask you to sanity check a pre-release version in a day or two?

Apologies for this error.


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Shure do. Waiting patiently.

Shure do. Waiting patiently. Thanks for Your answer. 

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