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Thanks for the company.

Yesterday was the day of an AAVSO Mailing.  First, let me explain, the AAVSO does not use a big warehouse-type mailing service when we have a meeting notice or holiday card to mail out - we do it "old school," around the conference table, by hand.

So yesterday when we got the "mailing, library, noon" email, a collective sigh was heard 'round the office.  The whole staff gathered and started jockeying for position... Will I be a folder, a stuffer, a labeler, or (no, don't let it be) the dreaded envelope sealer?!?  Visions of paper cuts and worn away fingerprints danced in our heads.

As we got started an interesting thing happened.  We started catching up on family, discussing our respective Thanksgiving turkeys, debating whether to get the iPhone or Droid for Christmas.  Was it the ink fumes from the freshly printed Holiday cards or perhaps just the holiday spirit?  Holy cow - we were bonding over a mailing!!!

Then an even more interesting thing happened as we moved to sticking the printed address labels onto the envelopes... as we saw your names and observer codes go by.  "Oh, here's Bob from Tampa. What great photometry!" "Here is Mary from Boulder.  I miss her - she used to come to meetings all the time. I think I'll send her an email."  "I remember Joe's story about that skunk in his observatory.  What a funny guy!"  For a while you, our members and friends, joined us at the AAVSO conference table.  Thanks for the company - it was much appreciated!

So when you get your holiday card this year, know that it wasn't mailed by some stranger.  It was mailed by a staff member who really appreciates your contribution to the organization - and it is very likely that you were remembered personally as that address label went on the envelope.

Happy Holidays!

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