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Three new eJAAVSO preprints: Red Supergiants; Z Cam Stars; tribute to Leslie Peltier

Due to the New England winter storm currently affecting the area, phone coverage at the AAVSO may be much reduced until Wednesday. The staff is still available via email, and we suggest using that method to contact us if you need assistance.

ej258: "Amplitude Variations in Pulsating Red Supergiants" by John R. Percy, Viraja C. Khatu

ej257: "Leslie Peltier: The World’s Greatest Amateur Astronomer" by Mike Simonsen

ej256: "Z Cam Stars in the Twenty-First Century" by Mike Simonsen, David Boyd, William Goff, Tom Krajci, Kenneth Menzies, Sebastian Otero, Stefano Padovan, Gary Poyner, James Roe, Richard Sabo, George Sjoberg, Bart Staels, Rod Stubbings, John Toone, Patrick Wils


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