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Time and Computer sync

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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Time and Computer sync

Set-up: Ap900 controlled by a Win10 PC; V2 chip.

Question: Should I be using "" or "" to insure that my timing is the best for ToMs on EBs. Or does it matter?

(I used to use my StarGPS with my Gemini2, but am waiting for a cable to connect it to the Ap900.)

Thanks, Ed

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Time Source

Hi Ed:

I think the key is to find one source in the windows internet time source box that works reliably for you? Also, I think you need to check/change the registry to make sure the sync period is about 900 sec (15 min), and not a much longer period (default?). This should give small errors (e.g., 0.03s)?

However. I think most members turn it off and use Dimension or an NTP app like NetTime? Dimension may have issues with Win10? I know, for some reason (can't remember?), I am using NetTime on my Win10 machine.


Mark Blackford
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Dimension4 with Win10

Hi Ken,

I use Dimension 4 on my two Windows10 computers with no problems. You need to put a short cut in the Start-up folder and turn off Set Time Automatically in the Windows Date and Time Control Panel. Cheers,


Ed Wiley_WEY
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Dimension4 with Win10

Thanks Mark, I installed Dimension4 and it seems to be working fine. As per your instructions, I turned off "Set Time Automatically."


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Dimansion 4

I use Dimension 4 too, it works fine


Roger Pieri

I use NTP from Meinberg for years now, it works without any problem in the background. It provides much better accuracy making a real time survey of number of time stations. I tested Dimension4 in the past (under W7 then) and had a lot of problems with, including with anti-virus softwares, number of them detecting questionnable activities of it.

Clear Skies,


Eric Dose
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I can also highly recommend

I can also highly recommend the (free but obscure) Meinberg software. It finds several NTP sources, automatically removes outlier sources, and allows the user to specify or reject NTP and pool sources at will. Runs in background and converges very quickly even with severe internet latency (common at observatories). I run it on all my computers, uninstalled Dimension 4.

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