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Today's member's meeting link

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Today's member's meeting link

Join us on Zoom from 9 AM - noon EDT.

Questions from Remote Attendees

This is Greg Sivakoff, one of the Council Members, whos is at the meeting. If any body attending the members meeting remotely has questions that they would like to pass on to presenters, please enter that information in the Zoom Chat window and I will try to relay it to them.

No response to Chat Window comment

No response to my comment in the Chat window.  SHould I send it separatelhy?



The audio is horrible.  Unusable.


Dear JJI,


I'm sorry to hear that you are having audio problems. I'm monitoring the audio from my end and have not seen an issue beyond some reverb. Can you please clarify what your problem is and I'll see if I can help?

Update: I will be making sure that the batteries are replaced in the microphone as I just noticed some dropout.

Audio Pt 2

Dear Remote Attendees,

During this break we have been running some tests on the Zoom audio. The audio pickup is from the Mac that is running the Zoom meeting. We have changed the orientation of the latop to try to improve its pickup.

Thank you for the patience you have shown. It is much appreciated!

David Benn
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EDT+UTC would be good for those of us outside of the US. laugh



I'm talking to a member in Arfizona and he si having probs too.  Says he is getting  50%.  I'm getting almost nothing.  Very bad distortion.  Now it has hone away altogether.

Audio (cont'd)

Right now we are on a break for a few minutes. We will unmute the system when we return. We are hoping that some of the changes we have made to the system will help in the next half.

I'm unsure as to why you are receiving almost nothing, while the other member in Arizona is receiving 50%. I can confirm that I sometimes was receving dropouts in the same room when I concentrated hardre on the delayed audio, but my brain must have been filling in the detail from the (~0.5 second) earlier live audio.

We will try our best to correct the audio and apologize for the issue.

Please also know that Kris Larsen is taking notes on the meeting and will be posting her notes in the forum once they have been proofread, etc.

Thanks again for your patience! It is most appreciated.

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