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Transform Applier "Missing Information"

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Transform Applier "Missing Information"


I'm trying to come up to speed on the transform workflow using the online version of Transform Applier and I'm stuck.  I get errors as follows

1. When I "CreateTransformed AAVSO Report" using V-B coefficients generated by TG ver 6.4, (Tbv,Tb_bv, Tv_bv), I get a "missing information error, need Tv_bv and BVcolor".  TA output box contents:

***TA output box:

#SOFTWARE=VPhot 4.0.4
TU Cas,2458839.76770,8.002,0.003,V,NO,STD,104,-8.164,90,-9.525,1.7657,0,X24958DEO,na
# Missing information; need Tv_bv and BVcolor.

***TA Output Box detailed report:

Star                 Date    Filter Grp    Vraw      Vinst    Vex    TranMag      diff       VERR    VERRt
"TU Cas         "   2458839.76770 V 0101    8.002  -10.520  -10.520    not transformed

    Detail narrative for each observation  

TU Cas,2458839.76770,8.002,0.003,V,NO,STD,104,-8.164,90,-9.525,1.7657,0,X24958DEO,na
CREFMAG= Vc= 10.358 +/- 0.001 (nb. comp ref error is excluded from final error computation)
STD inst mag: Vinst= -10.520 = 8.002 + -8.164 - 10.358
vc= -8.164 +/- 0.000 (c error is included with VERR)
vs= -10.520 +/- 0.003

 Missing information; need Tv_bv and BVcolor.

          Summary of group data

 name+group      filtC   Us     Bs     Vs     Rs     Is     us     bs     vs     rs     is
"TU Cas0101     "   2    na     na     na     na     na     na     na -10.520    na     na

 name+group      filtC   Uc     Bc     Vc     Rc     Ic     uc     bc     vc     rc     ic
"TU Cas0101     "   2    na     na  10.358    na     na     na     na  -8.164    na     na

   transform coefficients applied by Transformer Applier, version 2.50
Tbv= 1.2300, +/- 0.0140
Tb_bv= 0.1130, +/- 0.0130
Tv_bv= -0.0690, +/- 0.0130


***Here is the Coefficients .ini file contents generated by TG (ver 6.4):

description= TG - Version 6.4, Telescope= ramaT5, Time created (UT) = 2019_12_22_20:49:00
Tbv= 1.230
Tb_bv= 0.113
Tv_bv= -0.069
Tbv= 0.014
Tb_bv= 0.013
Tv_bv= 0.013
[R Squared Values]
Tbv= 0.993
Tb_bv= 0.587
Tv_bv= 0.250

*** Here is my telescope "ramaT5" Coefficient configuration from the admin page:

I had to enter the coefficients manually, the "Load values from ini file" gave me a SQL error and trace.




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TA Transform Issue?


Just to clarify one thing, did you copy/load BOTH a B and V report into the input window?

Were you just transforming two filter image reports as opposed to a time series?  Did you try two color transform link?


PS: You might put this question into VPhot forum rather than software?

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TA Transform Issue?

Thanks for you reply Ken,

Goodness, I should of put this question in VPhot forum... Sorry!

Yes, I have two reports(V,B). I initially had both B and V reports in the input window, but received an SQL error.  I will go back and verify I didn't have a format error somewhere. I have not tried the two color transform link, but will look at this as well.

I will work on this some more tomorrow and then post any remaining questions on the Vphot forum.


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