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Transient in Ser needs confirmation

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Need assistance to determine confirmation of a possible transient in Ser. Two photos taken on July 9, 2014 at 03:33 (U. T.) and 03:36 (U. T.). Each photographic exposure was exactly 1 minute 20 seconds. Used a Canon Rebel XS at F/4.5, 34.0mm, ISO 1600, jpeg file. Moonlight and haze in the atmosphere washed out much of the photos but was able to use Adobe Photo Elements software to clean up the images. Transient found on both photos. Position (close approximate) R.A. 18h 18m, Dec. -05d 14m.  Photographic magnitude about +8.6. Used HIP 89391 +8.00, HIP 89627 +9.00 and HIP 89780 +8.45 as comparison stars (Comp. star mags. taken from Stellarium planetarium software 0.12.1). Attempted to visually view the same area and take additional photographs on the evening of July 9, 2014 and morning of July 10, 2014. Bright moonlight and weather conditions prevented.  Thanks for your help.

Possible transient in Ser - time correction
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In Ken Beckmann's posting on his possible transient in Ser, the times were originally given as 05:33 and 05:36 UT. They should be 03:33 and 03:36 UT. Ken's posting has been corrected so all the pertinent information in one place is correct.

Many thanks for your efforts in trying to confirm this awkwardly-placed possible transient!

Good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Unfortunately it is overcast
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Unfortunately it is overcast here in Budapest :(

I've just alerted a Portughese observer, who said it is clear in Portugal now. I hope he can catch it.

Btw can you upload an image?

Clear skies,


Possible transient in Ser images
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Attached are two images from Ken Beckmann showing the field of the possible transient in Ser. The file BeckmannJuly3.jpg shows the area on July 3 with nothing at the position of the possible transient. The file BeckmannPhoto2.jpg shows the area on July 9 with the possible transient marked.


Possible transient in Ser images
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The original image has very large FOV. According Astrometry:

Center (RA, hms):    18h 35m 04.426s
Center (Dec, dms):    -01° 13' 41.552"
Size:    11.4 x 11.4 deg
Radius:    8.057 deg
Pixel scale:    34 arcsec/pixel

This night the Moon is very close to the FOV - about 15 deg but I tried to catch the object. I can not confirm any object as bright as +8.6 in the coordinates about RA: 18 18 00, Dec -05 14 00. See attached image: 30 sec in G.



Regarding Possible Transient in Serpens
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Hi All,

I can add that there is no transient suspect visible in Ic band to at least 11.5 within a 7 arc-min radius of the reported location as imaged with iTel7 in Spain at the time mentioned below. 

IRAS 18153-0517 is within 2.65 arc-min and appears about Ic = 11.0  a couple of hours ago at July 10.877 UT.







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