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tri-color photometry possible with APO?

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James Bruton
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tri-color photometry possible with APO?

Is tri-color CCD photometry advisable with an APO as opposed to a reflector? I have VRI filters.

I ask because my Losmandy G-11 mount is overtaxed by my 30 cm Meade SCT OTA with ST-1001 camera, and guide scope. The result is that the mount does not keep goto accuracy, I think because of flexure.

Thinking of getting an APO refractor to reduce the weight on the mount and increace FOV. 

Does the glass block infrared too much? Would an APO allow VRI work, or BVR?

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APO is a go for VSO

Hi James,

Sorry it took us so long to get to your question. i am just getting my feet under me after the holidays. So, without further ado, YES, you can use an APO refractor for VSO work with a CCD. One of our workhorse telescopes in AAVSOnet s a small 80mm refractor on a German mount, and it does an excellent job of producing quality mutli-filter measurements all over the sky.

APO is a GO for VSO.

Mike Simonsen (SXN)

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