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Trying to locate spreadsheet

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Trying to locate spreadsheet

I have a new member whose SAO instructor said that there is "a spreadsheet on AAVSO that takes the FITS header data and helps calculate the air mass (and other things?) for an observation.  I couldn't locate that, so I wonder if you know what he is referring to, and if something like that exists, if you could provide me the link."

Do any of you know what he is referring to?
Mike Simonsen
Lew Cook
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Trying to locate spreadsheet

Mike, it's not a spreadsheet, but I do know that LesvePhotometry and AIP4WIN (at least - probably most of the photomety programs) will produce airmass of observations in AAVSO Extended Format output choices.

If that's not a sufficient answer, I can develop a spreadsheet that will take a  list of observations and produce airmasses for them all, but not from .fits headers.

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Airmass Spreadsheet

Thanks, Lew.

No need to create a tool for calculating airmass, there is a free one online already-

I pointed the observer to this and he seems satisfied that it will help him.



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