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Trying to upload a file, but the star ID not recognized although present in vsx

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Trying to upload a file, but the star ID not recognized although present in vsx

I requested a star chart for the object ASAS J202135 +1525.6 (HD 355501) to the services of aavso!

processed  the images and tried to upload the file, with no success. the WebObs FrontEnd replied that the starId is not recognized. but not only do i have a AUID on AAVSO/vsx as ooo-BLJ-603, a chart on Light curve generator and a photometry table.

can anyone shed some light on this event.

I can trow 1610 values to the trash can, but ....

Best regards

If someone can answer this i would be gratefull




one single character changes

one single character changes everything!

So ashamed that im hidding myself



Sebastian Otero
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Those WebObs error messages!

The space before th "+" sign! ;)

Don't worry, I spent several minutes (and several tries) the other day with an eta Car file that had an empty line at the bottom that I had not seen (well, it was empty... haha).
it happens to everyone!


just a darn # before the

just a darn # before the header of the columns!

it's part of the learning curve! 


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learning curve

What I like is that you found the problem, and fixed it - and it wasn't a bug in our system. Yay!  Good luck, and keep submitting data to the AAVSO.


Thank you Arne I will some

Thank you Arne

I will some hundreds more are waiting, i was trying to rebuild the full curve but made some mistake somewhere!

So now i have to learn the transformations coeficients for sloan g' r' i' filters to johnson magnitudes.

Best Regards


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Hi Joao,

The general transformations that we use when converting APASS data to Rc/Ic are from Jester, et al. 2005 (
2005AJ....130..873J ). You can also visit the SDSS page to see other transformations:

We have an internal set of equations for APASS, developed by Ulisse Munari, that we will be using in the near future.  They do a little better job for the specific filters/bandpass that we have.


Thank you Arne Im already

Thank you Arne

Im already following your Clue. quite some labour the next months to improve my knowledge on Photometry!

what a fun endeavour.

Best Regards


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