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Tutorial off line

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Tutorial off line

the VPHOT tutorial will be unavailable until about August 5. Thank you for you patience and understanding.


Ken Mogul (MQE)

New Camtasia Modules for VPhot

Hi Ken,

Are you in the process of generating new Camtasia modules for the latest iteration of VPhot? If so, may I offer my help with this?

If not, would you be willing to contact me privately regarding future plans?

I've spoken with Mike Simonsen about this at the recent CCD School.

Thank you,

Bill Perkins

Demo list

Hi Ken,

how to access demo list used in tutorial videos?

see you

Eduardo Seperuelo

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demo images

 Hi Eduardo:


If you give me your AAVSO observer initials, I can put the images into the list of images in your VPHOT account.





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