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TW Vul rare outburst

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TW Vul rare outburst

There's nothing particularly special about this star that's simply listed as type "UG" in VSX, but it is rather shy about having outbursts: about one per year based on AAVSO data.  I measured it at v=13.38 last night (JD 57364.430) and even brighter tonight at v=12.91 (JD=567365.498). It's already too low for me to get any further observations, and it's nearly out of season, but time series might be interesting.

Shawn (DKS)
Clermont, FL

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TW Vul Outburst

Hi Shawn,

i can confirm this outburst!

317/1500mm Newton  V 312x   2015-12-08-16-50 UT    12m,8 vis!

Klaus Wenzel (wkl) 

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