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two more options for SeqPlot please

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two more options for SeqPlot please


Using SeqPlot at the moment to extend some old sequences (I have to keep reiterating how much I like SeqPlot!) and there are a couple of options I would find really useful...

1) The ability to change the plot orientation. It's really tricky sometimes to compare the erect plot that SeqPlot gives with the 'standard' North-up AAVSO charts.

2) A facility for attaching a label to a star(s). I'm currently working on FM/FN Cyg in the same field and it would be good to be able to distinguish the variables from the crowded star field


One very tiny gripe (and it is tiny, but size isn't everything!)...

When the star name gets used as the file name, any chance of dispensing with those ugly underscores? Can we not just have spaces instead? Just an aesthetic thing.

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for those suggestions. I will give them some thought.

Best regards,

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Seqplot test version

Hi Michael,

You asked for it, you got it...

I think I figured out a way to grant your second request - showing the variable stars on the plot. There is a test version which you can get here:


The way it currently works is that it compares the stars imaged by whichever catalog you requested against VSX and if it finds a variable star within .003 degrees in both RA and Dec, it will color it yellow. Then if you click on a yellow dot, the text at the bottom will give you the star's name, type, max mag, and min mag (all from VSX).

I'm still not sure if this is the best approach or not since if the variable was not imaged (or is too faint for your limiting magnitude at the time the data was collected) it may not show up at all. It also doesn't stop you from trying to send a variable star's data to your file, which it should.

Hopefully, this is a first step anyway. I look forward to getting feedback from you or anyone else who is interested in testing this. You can contact me either through this forum or off list (sara at

One more thing... I just violated the rule about not releasing software immediately before going on holiday! I will be gone for 2 weeks starting early tomorrow so please take your time checking things and do not expect a reply from me until I am back.

Thanks again for your suggestions. I will address the others upon my return.

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New version of Seqplot released

Since I have not heard any negative comments about the test version of Seqplot, I have just released it. Next time you open the program, you should get the new version (2.2) automatically.


I am still considering your other request about being able to change orientation of the plot. As for removing underscores in the default file names, I am reluctant to do that because it sometimes becomes a problem to open the file in certain applications when there are blanks in the filename.

As always, please let me know if you experience any difficulties with Seqplot.


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Hi Sara, Thanks for taking

Hi Sara,

Thanks for taking stuff on board. The business with the file names wasn't important, so no probs. Haven't yet had an opportunity to use the new version yet!

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