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U Mon observations from OC61

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U Mon observations from OC61

I just got a notification that the OC61 collected data on U Mon. While the OC61 was able to collect *a lot* of photons for this 6th magnitude target (it was severely saturated, of course) U Mon should already be in the BSM queue. I was regularly getting data prior to solar conjunction from BSM for this star.

U Mon is in AAVSOnet proposal #99, and I have several fainter southern targets in AAVSOnet proposal #98. Perhaps there was some confusion between those two requests when the schedule for the OC61. Proposal #98 was submitted eight months ago but the targets haven't made it onto any telescope's queue yet. I'm hoping that the intent was to schedule those stars and that U Mon from #99 got mixed in somehow.

Shawn (DKS)

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U Mon observations

Hi Shawn,

It appears that a project primarily for the BSM systems got installed on OC61.  I've disabled that project on OC61 for now, pending investigation.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


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