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Update to the CCD Photometry Guide - Chapter 6

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Update to the CCD Photometry Guide - Chapter 6

Hi All,

I wanted to let you know that I just posted an update to Chapter 6 (Transforming your data) of the CCD Photometry Guide. If you have already downloaded version 1.1 of the Guide, we would appreciate it if you would download Chapter 6 again and use it to replace the previous version. The main change is to the syntax of the transformation coefficients which you will see on pages 56 - 61. For example, the magnitude transform Tb is now Tb_bv and Tv should be written as be Tv_bv. It may look more confusing at first, but the point of the change is to bring the nomenclature in line with the latest standards and to clarify the derivation of each coefficient.

Many thanks to George Silvis for pointing out this inconsistency.


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