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Usefulness of Observations of RT PYX Without Chart Comp Stars?

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Usefulness of Observations of RT PYX Without Chart Comp Stars?

Hello! During my first variable star script using MPO connections, I was imaging several LPVs in Pyxis. When I went in for the night, I let the program continue, but decided to get a series of images of RT PYX, an RRAB variable with a period of 0.576 days. Since this was a "why not?" target, I did not check the AAVSO database and chart ahead of time.

   When I checked the current chart in VSP, there are not comps for RT PYX within the field. Comps do not show up till about 5 degrees away.

    Canopus would perform a rough check of magnitudes using catalog values of stars in the field in order to perform a M/IR check, but from what I've read, the values may have low precision. Would such photometry be useful for the AAVSO databases?

    Alternately, would it be appropriate to image low and high altitude standard fields in the future, use that to obtain comp stars in the field, and then apply those values to these images? I believe this is similar to the approach that Mr. Warner describes for asteroid work using MPO Canpous and Connections.

    Thank you and best regards.



Mike I can take carer part


I can take carer part of your issue.  I'll put together a sequence for RT Pyx.  Hopefully it will be available through VSP sometime tomorrow.

You can always request a sequence from the seqence team.  Usually the turn around is pretty short.


Jim Jones, Sequence Team Member




Comparison Stars Available



A new sequence for RT Pyx has been uploaded and is available through VSP.  This sequence provides a half dozen comparison stars within 6 arcmin of RT Pyx.

As Imentioned, you can request comparison stars from the sequence team.  You will find the directions for making such a request at

Jim Jones

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