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Using the Star Analyzer for simultaneous spectroscopy/differential photometry

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Using the Star Analyzer for simultaneous spectroscopy/differential photometry

I am very new to spectroscopy, but thanks to Robin's informative posts have been learning alot. I am particulary interested in using the zero order star image of the Star Analyzer for differential photometry of spectroscopy targets. This allows an efficient use of time and equipment (both of which are always limited!). With SS Cyg well placed for observation, I have been observing it with a 12-inch LX-200 nightly since September 24, 2019 using a SA200 for spectroscopy and creating light curves using the zero order image. I have over 5000 spectra so far! Its fascinating seeing the changes in the spectrum and being able to correlate them with exact places on the light curve! One concern I had though was how precise was the curve obtained using the SA200. So on the night of October 18- 19, 2019 I observed SS Cyg with two telescopes 100 feet apart, using the same type of CMOS camera (QHY 174) for 5 hours.One telescope was the 12-inch LX-200 using a SA200. The other was an Explore Scientific 102mm FCD100 APO refractor. I focussed on the spectra in the 12-inch, and used the defocus method (7.6pix FWHM) with the 102mm APO. SS Cyg was near minimum and flickering like crazy. I am happy to report both light curves are nearly identical. Attached to this message is an image of the results and a sample of the spectra resolution I am getting.

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