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USNO down? whats the backup

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USNO down? whats the backup

So seems the USNO MAster clock Server sync is down, what is the AAVSO backup standard?


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USNO down? Backup?

I have used

The official NIST US time.


standards of time....

Although I ama Navy vet, I don't know much about the USNO. I use  NIST shortwave radio station WWV for time signals.

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GPS time

I use a $30 GPS USB receiver and $15 software (some software is free if you look hard enough) to sync my PC to standard time.

Eric Dose
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2 suggestions

Meinberg NTP and monitor software are free at . They keep my observatory and office PCs within 2-10 miliseconds, and they make system adjustments so that my PCs stay within 10-100 ms even when offline for several days when observing where there is no internet service. No hardware, just very small software bits that run in background.

And the US's is especially useful and easily readable on a smart phone (it's actually a joint USNO/NIST service).

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