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UX Orionis active

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UX Orionis active

  UX Ori seems to be very active, if anyone is interested in observing it. I've only had three looks at it so far this season, all in the past month, and as usual I'm a little behind in reporting my estimates. I saw it near 10.4 magnitude on October 22, dimmed down to 12.4 two weeks ago on November 5, and now back up to 10.4 on the morning of November 18. This star has surpassed SS Cygni for me as far as being a favorite target!

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I'll put it on my program!

I'll put it on my program!

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  Thanks! I don't think

  Thanks! I don't think you'll be disappointed. I'm clouded out four out of five nights here this time of year and I always wonder whether I'm seeing long-term behavior from this star and others like it, or if it's fluctuating wildly during the times I can't observe it. Sure, there are automatic sky surveys, but they can't catch the very short-term brightening and dimming that YSO stars sometimes show.

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Hi Paul, Nice to see you're

Hi Paul,

Nice to see you're getting bang for your buck! I shall be demolishing my observatory soon (that's what I call it - it's a shed with a slide-off roof) as it's sort of happening anyway and besides, the walls stop me seeing as far south as UX Ori anyway! Back to observing 'a la belle etoile' for me!

Just come in - very misty - but speaking of UXORs, did catch MQ Cas again doing its stuff. I don't think I've ever seen it at the same mag twice running!

Just noticed on the AAVSO home page the 'latest obs' by you. First it was CO Ori then GW! I've just uploaded V346 Ori to VSP which is quite a bright one. You might want to have a look at that.

Happy UXORing

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V346 Ori

  Hi Mike. Sorry to hear about the observatory coming down.

  I've been starting to observe a lot of the Orion stars lately but I am just now sitting down and reporting them online. V346 Ori is on my list. I've been using the Tycho-based sequence that you emailed to me about a year and a half ago. I'll check out the new chart. I also have been observing nearby NSV1960 but not reporting it since it doesn't seem to have an AUID number assigned to it yet. It hasn't shown a lot of activity yet anyway.

  Clear skies to you!

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I posted a request for a

I posted a request for a revision of the map! 

UX Ori


Sequence or Mislabeling


There is a big gap in the sequence between comp. stars 93 and 109.



Suggested revision filling the gap has been submitted. (BTB)

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UX Ori charts

This sequence has been updated and your report was the basis for the update. Thanks.

Mike Simonsen

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UX Ori, added

Interesting star, nice locale. Added to program.

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