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Sorry for posting this on two lists, but if you read CVs but not Campaigns you'll miss it. Tomorrow morning (2013 June 5) the HST team will be making the decision about observing V1108 Her with COS on June 6. Your observations TONIGHT are CRUCIAL. AAVSO Special Notice #356 has the details.

Many thanks and good observing  -  Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Good Job on V1108 Her
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I got up this morning and was a bit sad that I did not get to observe V1108 Her last night.  Here at MMO, I had 3 scopes running, 6 interns and our new Director all learning how to observe.  We even got a shot at Mercury and Venus thru the 8 inch Clark.  V1108 Her fell off the table. 

Was so glad to see all the participation on the LCG this morning.  Lots of observations, so the HST team should be in good shape. 

Good Job all..


Gary Walker

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