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V1247 Ori

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V1247 Ori

  My variable star observing has been sporadic this year, mainly due to long and late work hours. I often have free time before dawn and I'm hoping to start observing UX Ori and the other YSO targets in Orion soon. I came across an article last spring in Sky and Telescope that was about V1247 Orionis. I looked up what information I could on the AAVSO and VSX sites. This is a UXOR + DSCT in Orion's Belt. In fact, Epsilon Ori (the middle star in the Belt) appears on the D scale chart I generated. It has a range of 9.82 - 11.5 V which is great even for small telescopes. There are a few comparison stars nearby on that chart but I sent a request tonight to CHET to see if more could be added and closer to the variable. Here's the most interesting thing to me ... there are NO observations of it reported in the AAVSO database! I'm adding it to my list of targets!

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v1247 Ori

Thanks Paul, how did this star not get picked up sooner?! Good find!

Interesting reading too:

I'll be watching v1247 this season .


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Sequence for V1247 Ori

This morning I uploaded a sequence for V1247 which includes comp stars much closer to the variable.  I hope that helps.

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Sequence Update

  Thanks so much for the updated sequence! That was fast! One of these days I'll do my homework and find out how to contribute to the charts / sequences team.

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